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Manufacturer: Elsa
Product code: 35af8d77
Бамбуковая опора для растений изготовлена из натурального бамбука, который обработан специальным сре..
Manufacturer: Santino
Product code: ebbbfad7
Двойной горшок для орхидеи дает защиту корням растения от перегрева солнечных лучей, или холодных ск..
Manufacturer: Elsa
Product code: 3a90fd93
Опора для вьющихся растений создана специально для решения проблем относительно поддержки для комнат..
Manufacturer: Elsa
Product code: ddef28ee
Опоры металлические для вьющихся растений созданы для удобной поддержки и фиксации куста и высоты ра..

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      Our online store offers its customers a wide range of products for floriculture and decoration from various manufacturers.
It is noteworthy that in addition to the flowerpots themselves, an extensive range of various fertilizers and additional accessories of our own production of our TM “Elsa” for proper plant cultivation is available for sale.
There are also products for decorating your home or garden.
We have been actively working with all DIY chains and a large number of wholesale and retail clients on the Ukrainian market since 2009. We have our own offline store. "Thanks to this, we have significantly expanded our assortment and at the same time offer our customers products of various brands.