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10 best indoor plants of 2021

Many types of indoor plants can grow well indoors, and can also be great for decoration and organic style, including your cozy corner, they will add brightness in a neutral location.
There is a huge selection of indoor plants that do not require special attention, among them shrubs, cacti, succulents, vines, climbing plants, and even small indoor trees.
Important advice.
Before choosing a plant, or pot for a plant, it is important to ensure that the container has a drainage hole to prevent rotting. Even when you over-water, you can be sure that the excess liquid will go away.


Let's move on to the trends "Top 10 indoor plants 2021"



1. Philodendron.

Such a plant is unpretentious to care for and is considered perennial. His style is tropical atmosphere. It grows in well-lit rooms - best near a window - and needs to be watered once a week (or when the soil dries up).

2. Peperomia.

Plant type known (rubber). It has strong leaves that resemble the shape of a spoon.

An interesting fact is that this houseplant has a juicy quality, that is, it accumulates water in its roots, stems and leaves. This variant of the plant is watered only once every one or two weeks. This means that peperomia has its own special natural properties with the accumulation of liquid (makes a reserve), in this case, you better not pour it.

3. Zamioculcas.

This ideal houseplant is medium in size. It helps purify the air, doesn't mind low light conditions, and only needs water once every few weeks.

4. Lyre ficus.

The West African native requires a little more care than other plants. It prefers warmer temperatures and also grows best in rooms with bright natural light and requires moist soil at all times.

5. Pakhira is water.

It turns out that such a plant also has healing properties. In alternative medicine, its bark is used for stomach or throat problems, and the fruits are used in cooking: hot drinks, baking bread.

Particular attention is paid to watering. Avoid stagnation of moisture in the substrate. It is imperative to provide the pakhira with bright light.

6. Philodendron skandens.

The advantages of the Brazilian Philodendron are that it can grow in places with poor lighting and needs watering at least once a week. This plant with endurance can be hung on a wall, above a window or on a trellis indoors, while admiring how the two-colored leaves slowly descend to the floor.

7. Sansevieria.

It perfectly cleans and filters the air, and in the meantime oxygenates your space. In addition, it does not need a lot of water or light, which is the standard for all plants.

8. Aspidistra.

Such a plant can thrive in highly shaded areas and requires very little watering - in other words, it's okay if you don't care for the plants too much.

9. Spathiphyllum.

Handles low light conditions, but not against brightly lit areas. You won't be mistaken about watering as the leaves will begin to sag.

10. Succulent "Aloe".

A thorny succulent plant requires a sunny spot, but very little water is ideal for those who often forget to water their plants.

When caring for a houseplant, what to look for?

It is normal for all plants to require food, water and light for their life, but the surprising thing is that some of them need very little care, if only in order to grow. For example, such as succulents, orchids and others require several watering times per month. Serpentine houseplants and ferns are capable of living in very low light, while the mossy look or jade is suitable for cool rooms where there are drafts.

The sun.

Some plants need direct sunlight, while others, on the contrary, die if too much light falls on them. Don't put philodendron or peperomia in an overly lit room - the leaves will turn yellow. Then you plant an aloe, ficus, or even a lemon tree in these places. Plants that love sunlight are spiderwebs and succulents.


Some plant species can harm children and pets, especially if swallowed.

If you touch the sap or leaves of other plants, rashes and irritation may occur on the skin. Surprisingly, these plants may not have a warning. Before buying a plant, it is better to make sure that it is safe. These varieties should be avoided: oleander, poinsettia, peace lily, caladium, mistletoe - for pet owners.

Flowering versus no flowering.

You may be happy to add some greenery to a non-flowering plant. However, blooming a houseplant can beautify your home during the colder months.


The type of pot your plant is in can play a role in its development, or it all depends on your preference. At the height of fashion, you can find and purchase eco-friendly flower pots from recycled material. This eco pot does not have any harmful substances.


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