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10 home herbs as a sedative


Indoor plants work wonders: they absorb harmful substances into themselves, give oxygen to the air and humidify it, improve well-being in the house and people in it, and affect the psyche and human health.

Plants for tranquility:




One of the most common indoor flowers, which is one of the energetic plants.
Its functions are: to clean the air, eliminate bacteria and dampness, affect bad mood, relieve fatigue, as a sedative, soothe, normalize sleep, and thanks to its smell it helps with colds. You can try to rub the Geranium leaf and inhale its smell a little, then you can get rid of the headache. Geranium itself can be replaced with Pelargonium flower. Outwardly, they are very similar, although they are different plants, but their performance is the same.




This plant contains a lot of medicinal properties, such as: boosting immunity, digestion, wound healing, inflammation, burns, and help with colds.
It is recommended to start it for comfort in the house and a pleasant atmosphere. It is recommended to put Aloe in the bedroom, it emits oxygen at night, not during the day, and also an assistant for insomnia.




This plant purifies the air and feeds on dirty air and therefore grows rapidly. It is recommended to put such a plant in new buildings, since it not only attracts a good mood, but also gives energy. And on a note, it can eliminate formaldehyde that is released in synthetic materials, as well as in linoleum and laminate.




This plant secretes those substances that kill various bacteria by purifying the air, making it easier to feel in case of colds and calming the nerves, giving strength. All citrus fruits improve the state of the body and brain activity, and Lemon is also a symbol of vigor.
You need to rub the Lemon leaves and inhale the aroma - it releases about 85 useful substances. It is useful to have such a plant for tired and weak types of people.




The plant boosts immunity and helps with fatigue. Thanks to its aroma, there is an effect on the brain and memory. Cleans and moisturizes the air. Rosemary has moisturizing and cleansing properties and helps with diseases such as bronchitis and the common cold.




The mint aroma gives a good mood. It has a strong effect on the nervous system, relieves fatigue, reduces irritability, and also energizes. It helps with headaches and insomnia. To enhance the aroma of the mint, it will be enough to rub its leaves. It is proved by American psychologists - it is useful to have mint if you work a lot at the computer, it helps to concentrate.




Antiseptic for the air, saturates it with oxygen, refreshes and moisturizes. The activity of this plant is important for those who are close to the road. Often you will see Ficus leaves covered with a small layer of dust - it catches dust in the air and what you breathe, therefore it is recommended to wipe its leaves with a damp cloth.




A bright flower that moisturizes and purifies the air, it kills harmful microorganisms and absorbs toxins, and also relieves irritation, increases efficiency and improves immunity. It also reduces radiation from computers and other equipment.




It is not only a spice, but also a relaxing agent and its aroma is soothing. It is considered the best air purifier from harmful microorganisms. Feng Shui experts recommend putting the Laurel in the hallway and it will help make it go from negative energy to positive.




This plant is called the tree of happiness. It purifies the air and improves energy. Creates a favorable microclimate. Helps when headache, insomnia, eliminates depressed mood and improves vitality.


Typical Houseplant Tips:

  • it is recommended to plant indoor plants indoors at least 1 flower per 10 sq. m;
  • plants in which with pointed leaves and needles it is better not to put in the bedroom, but in the living room and in the kitchen;
  • red flowers - saturate the room with energy, yellow - cheer up, white - get rid of negative thoughts;
  • the Japanese have found that even the simplest stroking of leaves lowers blood pressure and helps reduce stress;
  • it is forbidden to put flowers with a strong aroma in the bedroom - the next morning you will have a headache. It is better to keep a minimum of plants in the bedroom, because you are sharing your oxygen with them.


In order for indoor flowers to take care of our well-being, they also require mutual assistance, for example, you can purchase additional support to support the plant.


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