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11 great ways to spruce up your space with plants

Coziness in the room can be with a lack of green friends who will complement the atmosphere with their beauty, purify the air, and, of course, will be in harmony with the decor. It doesn't matter if you have experience with plants or not, it is enough to first acquire even the easiest flowers to maintain. The coziness that they create will manifest itself on everyone around you, and most importantly, that you will feel it too. Plants can give a room a special character, enliven the space. Experience with them can be called a breakdown or a mistake, because there can be a certain approach

to each plant.
If you are new to growing indoor plants, just know that you will kill a few plants along the way, and that's okay! Just keep going and learning and then you will be good at it.

Furnishings with indoor plants:

1. Vines.

Shape the vines of the plants so that they wrap around the mirror! This will help keep the hanging leaves from warping and will add vigor to your hallway. Who said that greenery should be decorated only during the holidays?

2. Conversion of the bar cart.

Not in the mood for cocktails? Take an empty cart and use it as a plant stand! The wheels make it easy to move your green friends around the house as needed - if the plants get too bright rays of the sun, just roll the cart away from the window.

3. Decoration for relaxing in the bathroom.

Plants are not only used in our main living spaces! Make your overnight bubble bath even more “zen” by adding plants around it. This way you can create the feeling of your favorite tropical spa getaway without having to travel far.


4. Hutch style.

Transform your book shelves into a sophisticated plant storage system by filling them with different sized flowerpots. Don't be afraid to stack them a little on top of the books if your collection starts to overflow.


Many people like to scatter their plants all over the house so that they can be seen in every corner, but you can also group them on a shelf or closet.

If you don't know where to start, there is so much inspiration around, especially from Instagram. Just start with a few plants and move on - it will take time to grow your collection, enjoy.


5. Add some joy to your home office.

Add some plants to your home workspace to make the long days in front of your computer screen feel less annoying. While your desk should be relatively clean, it is important that the plants can live on the floor, on the windowsill, or hang from the ceiling.


6. Let the stems shine.

Floating shelves with built-in vase holes make it easy to expose individual stems, which is a great option for minimalist lovers.

7. Hang up freely.

Is there an empty corner? Fill it with a hanging planter and let the beautiful green shade instantly brighten your living space.

8. Make an entrance.

Show your love for plants from the moment your guests arrive. Another bar cart turned into a plant house, it fits perfectly into the space where there is an entrance.

9. Consider plants as versatile.

Remember, you can display plants all the time because they are indoors all year round.

10. The location of the plant.

Don't want to hang shelves on the wall? Buy a flower stand. A great option would be a wooden flower stand, which can be purchased in different sizes and shapes and will blend beautifully with the plants in your home.

11. Vintage Victory



Do you have a very special piece of vintage furniture that you would like to highlight in your space? Dilute it with plants!



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