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About us

 We are a trading and manufacturing company that manufactures its products under the Elsa trademark. We have been selling goods for floriculture, for the home and its decoration in Ukraine since 2009.
Our company is one of the official representatives in Ukraine of European trading companies: TM Santino (Moldova) and FormPlastic (Poland). They are manufacturers of high-quality flower pots, which have become quite famous among other countries.
We work with all DIY networks and a large number of wholesale and retail clients.
Our Elsa - Shop offers you a wide range of products for gardening and home decoration.
Every day, fast dispatch of orders throughout Ukraine is gaining more and more popularity.

In our large catalog you will find many flower pots and planting materials, floriculture tools, and garden and home decor for every taste.
All that complements man with nature.
But household goods, which is so necessary in everyday life.
An online order in Ukraine is a benefit and convenience. By visiting our online store, you first of all save your time and money.

Turning to us you get:

Product selection - all products in one online store.
Convenience - you do not need to look for a huge number of shops in the city and go from one place to another, it is possible to do this while spending time at home with your family and doing other things at the same time.
Savings - we have been on the Ukrainian market for a long time and we know exactly what competition and price disparity are. Still, it is better to buy goods at affordable prices on the Internet than in a regular store - you pay him for his additional expenses.
Consultation - our managers will help you in solving any issue.
Payment - in a way convenient for you, on a bank card, or upon receipt at the post office.
Receive goods - fast shipment in a short time.
With us you will definitely find:

Pots for flowers - balcony, for seedlings, hanging and floor. With material: plastic, ceramics, wood and even glass. A large number of the necessary sizes, forms and with special functions.
Outdoor pots - for voluminous and tall plants that can be located on the street. We have pots that are not afraid of even severe frosts.
Soils and substrates for plants - in this section there is a huge amount of benefits for all types of plants and natural components, without which it is impossible to plant a plant.
Fertilizer for flowers is an obligatory top dressing for the health and fertility of the plant - there is no way without it.
Seeds for growing flowers - it is possible to choose a flower that you like.
Supports and supports for plants - in case of acquiring growth and a wide shape, it is always possible to choose a convenient support made of bamboo or metal material for all types of plants, now there is no problem to find support.
Tools for floriculture - all a gardener needs is the right equipment for looking after plants, all the tools at once in one section.
Home decor is everything that complements the beauty of your home and the plants in it. Starting with goods such as ceramics, gypsum and ending with coasters made of real wood, into which the soul of handwork has been invested.
Garden decor - to complement the image of your garden with various figurines and feeders - with which you show concern for the birds.
Household goods are necessary goods for housekeeping in everyday life.
Having come to us, you can already collect your desires in one place and turn your hobby into a dreamy fairy tale that you create in your corner and complete it - and this is possible in the Elsa online store.