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Promotional offers

 Promotional offers

Promotional offers

Taking care of customers, we hold promotions and we want everyone to get the right thing. Spring discount on household goods begins in the online store elsa.com.ua


Discount products for floriculture
If you dream of buying flowerpots, it's time to implement your plans at the epicenter of Sale. We present products for the garden and home at competitive prices.

Among the offers are premium floor pots based on 3D modeling technology. The effect of visual volume is achieved due to the embossed surface and a special color coating, which shimmers and plays under the rays of the sun. Tall pots in bed colors are intended for breeding a dwarf palm, ficus, dracaena, and Chinese rose. The flower will delight the eye if you put it near the house. It will also serve as a decoration for an apartment or office.
On sale you will find pots made of frost-resistant plastic, reminiscent of rattan bark. This pot is suitable for outdoor plants that are not afraid of low temperatures.
If you are looking for a square pot made of durable plastic and want to save money on your purchase, then you've come to the right place. In the presence of large round flowerpots.
Wide range of products. Choose a flowerpot by color, size and height. Some models are equipped with a tab that will serve as a container for transplanting flowers.
A special place in our collection is occupied by pots made of durable plastic, in the style of a wooden texture in light and dark tones.
Preparing for the spring season, they put things in order among the garden tools - they fix something, buy what is missing. The online store contains the necessary tools for floriculture.

Discount products to decorate your home or garden
What does a cozy home mean? When clean, things are in place, the smell of homemade pies comes from the kitchen, cute knick-knacks and decorative ornaments emphasize the style of the house. Take a look at the online store shop.elsa.com.ua and take a look at the decor products. You won't leave without a purchase.

You will love the exclusive handcrafted ceramic figurines available at a discount. They are available in high-gloss white and red.
The flowerpot is easier to move when placed on a wooden or metal stand with chrome-plated wheels that rotate 360 ​​°.
Choose an Art Nouveau vase for a bold accent in your room. Flowers with long stems are placed in a ceramic, bronze or wooden vase.
To have money, you need a piggy bank. We took care of this and made several to choose from.
Plaster figurines coated with natural varnish of our own production will become a magical gift for your family.