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Decorative deciduous indoor plants. Types and care.


Many ornamental deciduous plants have their own special character, in many it is colder, they are special in that they are not like other plants. They all prefer to remain in the shadows. Many of these indoor plants do not like the sun's rays, so they have to stay in the shade. After all, their main advantage is beautiful leaves, but they do not have flowers, therefore they are “decorative - deciduous”.


Growth cycle in the shade

Their location in the back of the room and away from the window, but this will not interfere with growth and development, but vice versa. Plant pots can be safely placed not on the sunny side of the window, such an environment is good for them.

Types of deciduous plants:


Room Aspidistra

This plant is one of the most resistant indoor plants. It is not scary to leave her unattended for several days, because she is not afraid of dryness and dirt, but she is afraid of direct sunlight, which can burn her leaves, so the pot with Aspidistra should be kept away from the window. Regarding the transplant, you need to do it at least once every 5 years, if necessary.



People say "mother-in-law's language", it grows in the world and in the shade, tolerates drafts, rare watering, although other plants would not stand it, but regarding transplanting this plant, it is possible to do this rarely and anyway it always remains "beautiful “. Sansevieria does not like overflowing water, excessive moisture. For winter care, it does not need to be watered too often.



The plant is in the form of a half-shrub and it comes from evergreen herbs, and in other countries there is a belief that it is a flower of good luck. Such a plant has a very slow growth cycle and needs to be replanted once every 3 years. Aglaonema loves feeding, warm and humid air suits him, so spraying should be done often. Drafts are not appropriate for him. The plant will not be suitable for a tall pot and it is advisable to stay away from the rays of the sun. If the plant is in deep shade, then there is a possibility that its leaves will lose their color and turn just green.



It resembles fern leaves in its shape, because it loves shade and moist air, and the leaves reach a length of up to 60 cm, for this very reason it belongs to the fern family. Asplenium requires regular spraying. It is forbidden to leave the plant in the room near the battery (when there is heating), since dry and hot air will destroy it and it will die. The most interesting thing is that the plant does not like to touch its young leaves.



It has tiny delicate leaves that are ideal for many pots and will harmoniously complement the interior of the room. Be careful with her neighbors, if a small plant is nearby, she can crush it. It also requires constant watering and spraying. Reproduction is very simple: you just need to disconnect a small lump of earth with several stalks and dig in a new pot.


Scindapsus (potos)

Indoor plant with good leaf color, white or yellow color. A variety of pots are ideal for him, also hanging, and in order for his leaves to rise up, the ends of the stems need to be grafted. Scindapsus is afraid of drafts, dry air and sun.


Philodendron climbing

Such a plant is called "tropical", it is characterized by very humid air and diffused light, and the growth cycle is in the shade. It is a liana, since a shaggy column is still inserted into the pot, which will suit it as a support (will rise up) in the decor style and individually for its appearance. You should do it regularly spraying. The growth cycle is in partial shade, and a luxury for a philodendron is not to get into the sun.


Dracaena (bordered)

Caring for her is simple, she needs to be sprayed at least sometimes and she herself is not whimsical. Visually, it resembles a palm tree, and the narrow leaves have leaves up to 70 cm long. The plant will feel better in the shade, where there is a lot of sunlight.


Properly selected soil should be similar to the type of plant.
Buy soil for decorative and deciduous plants.


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