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Flowerpots for flowers

Manufacturer: Ekoceramika
Product code: 013b4c68
Керамический горшок для цветов Premium класса тм EKOCERAMIKA - непременное украшение многих дом..
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Flowerpots for flowers


Caring for plants is an exciting activity that gives us peace, fills us with the vitality of nature. In order for our plants to feel comfortable, it is important to choose the right flowerpots.

To successfully select and buy flowerpots, visit the online store shop.elsa.com.ua. Here you will find high quality plant pots that will meet all your needs.

In particular, in us you can choose flowerpots for different flowers:

shapes and sizes (oval, round, square, rectangular);
types of materials (e.g. ceramic, glass, plastic, wood);
destination (for balconies and terraces, as well as indoor plants), etc.
So, the choice is yours!

Varieties of flowerpots for plants
Of course, there are different types of flowerpots for plants, and an important classification criterion is the material of manufacture. Before you buy flowerpots, consider the following characteristics of their different types:

plastic flowerpots: they are considered the most popular and affordable in price, their variety of shapes and colors allows you to choose such a flowerpot for any interior or exterior; many flowerpots are equipped with a system of autowatering, drainage, etc.;
wooden flowerpots for plants: such containers look very stylish and are completely natural; common as flowerpots and decorative pots;
glass flowerpots: these are original solutions for those flower growers who want to focus on decor; transparent containers are completely ecological and waterproof, through which the soil is visible, and sometimes the root of the plant;
ceramic flowerpots for plants: suitable for those who value naturalness, because their main production material is clay; in such flowerpots the plant feels especially organic.
How to choose a flower pot
To choose the right flowerpots when you have to transplant a plant, you should calculate the size of the container. To do this, it is advised to insert an old pot into a new one; the size is selected correctly if there is a very small gap between the walls.

It is important to buy flowerpots for flowers, taking into account the following factor: can you water them systematically and on time? Pay attention to the "smart" pots, equipped with an automatic watering system, thanks to which your plants will always be "watered" as much as possible.

Vases for plants, as mentioned earlier, are made of various materials (plastic, ceramics, glass, wood), so this selection criterion depends solely on your preferences and the purpose of the container (for balcony flowers, for orchids, violets, cacti, etc. .).

Why buy flowerpots at shop.elsa.com.ua
We suggest you buy flowerpots in our online store shop.elsa.com.ua. The flowerpots presented in our virtual catalog (in particular, the flowerpots of our own production "ELSA") are different:

extraordinary quality of materials,
variety of volumes and shapes,
wide range of colors, etc.
Working for you since 2009, our team of qualified managers will help you make the right choice of flowerpots, soil and substrates, plant supports. We are waiting for you in our online store!