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Ready-made soil mixtures

Ready-made soil mixtures

Soil mixtures for plants are presented in a wide range in different garden centers. If you carefully study the components, you can see that the vast majority of soils contain peat. Such mixtures have become popular due to their low price and affordability - they are available in all garden centers. In addition to the cost, soils where there is peat, differ in properties - acidity, the optimal ratio of nutrients. In some cases, it contains sand (perlite).



Despite all the advantages of the mixture, it has a significant disadvantage - the inability to maintain its properties for a long time. In 3-5 months the peat begins to decompose, which leads to a deterioration of aeration (oxygen saturation) and water permeability. Lumps and fibers of fertilizer begin to dry out, turning into dust. And the mixture itself later becomes like dirt. If you do not replace the soil in time, the plant begins to die, because the root system will not be able to receive enough nutrients.

The best way to use a mixture that contains peat is to plant it. For example, chrysanthemums, gloxinia. Every year these plants need a complete change of soil. Another option - cultivation as a prolongation of bouquets for 1.5-2 months. This technology is used to grow azaleas, ficus, dracena, kalanchoe and other flowers. Peat is also used for mulching, which is used as a top layer, which is changed twice a year.

When you buy a plant, you should know the composition of the soil. If there is peat, you should replace all or part of the mixture with a new one. This will help the flowers to grow and develop properly over the years.

There are plants that do not want to be transplanted with bare rhizomes every year. These are palm trees, cacti. They should use mixtures that do not contain peat.

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