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How to choose the right pots for plants. Tips for choosing


A plant, like any other living creature, needs comfort, so we need to choose the right pot for it.

Form and volume.
The size should correspond to the parameters of the plant and its root system. If the roots grow into drainage holes and even braid with an earthen ball, then the plant really needs more space.

It must be remembered: the pot should not greatly exceed the size of the root system - this can negatively affect the growth of the flower and moisture and root decay will form in the soil.


Suitable pot sizes:

-Not very narrow. The width is equal to the height (but you need to take into account the characteristics of the plant).
-For example, in succulents, the root system grows superficially, so it is better to choose a wide pot for it. And the palm tree takes root deep into it, then a tall pot is suitable for it.
-The walls of the pot are even inside. So as not to interfere with plant transplantation (it was easy to shake out the earth ball and not injure the roots).
-The material is porous. For good air circulation.
-The presence of a drainage hole. If the pot is large, then there should be several such holes.
-Together with a pot, a pallet. So that excess moisture flows into it. The pot must be stable. Dropping it to the floor can break the roots of the plant.


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