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How to grow a bush rose in a pot? Proper home care.

 Rose is the queen of many plants, thanks to its huge appearance, aromas and shades. And also it is compact and quite easily fits any interior.

 This flower blooms for a long time, but still requires careful grooming.

 About room rose

 The rose is considered the queen of all flowers, it has thorny thorns and bright flowers that are surrounded by tough and rough leaves. Nevertheless, it is important that it grows to a maximum height of 50 cm. Reproduction is only by cuttings, and the plant that is grafted is less likely to survive indoors.

Positive characteristics

  • Blooms all year round

  • Convenient size.

  • Landing on the street.

 What is the minus?

  • Complicated courtship.

  • It takes a lot of effort.

  • Diseases.

  • Winter time for the rose and for you is a difficult period for caring for it than in another period of the year.

  • Some species with low aroma.

 Brief wikipedia bush rose.

In fact, until this time, until now, no one knows for sure the history of the indoor bush rose. There is a version that she is from East Asia, or an opinion that China may be her homeland.

Nowadays, there are many types of roses, with different shades of flowers, shades, etc.

How to grow indoor spray roses planting and care

When you purchase a bush rose, it can be transplanted in 2 weeks. To plant a room rose, you need a small pot, but not wide and not voluminous, because the soil will begin to oxidize.

The medium for the rose should be loose and nutritious, or specifically for this type of plant.

 Make yourself a substrate for roses:

  1.  First you need to pour a layer of expanded clay drainage, and pebbles (river) are also suitable, then add a small layer of soil with light moisture.

  2. Pull the bush rose out of the old pot along with an earthen lump, and plant it in a new pot with the same lump. 

  3. Fill the remaining void with a substrate. 

  4. Finally, water and place in a permanent location.



Correct care.

 There are certain rules for growing indoor roses. For other plants and also for the rose, a suitable location is important. The main thing is not to forget about the regularity of airing the room so that fresh air comes to the flower, but not a draft. In the summertime, it is a great idea to place a rose on a balcony, outside.



Temperature control.

  • In warm weather, the temperature is from 14 to 25 degrees.

  • In the cold season, it should not exceed 5 to 8 degrees.

  • Overheating is prohibited.


For a flower, there should be at least 50% in the air for better development. So that there is constant moisture in the hot season, spray every day. When the plant goes into a dormant period, then you need to reduce the spraying, a maximum of 2 to 3 times a week.


Indoor rose loves diffused light, like many plants. But if at noon you do not hide the flower, then there is a guarantee that the plant will get burned leaves

In winter, the rose pot should be additionally illuminated with phytolamps.


Need regular watering. Especially in the summer, the obligatory daily.

When the plant is in a dormant period, watering should be moderate, but less often - so that the root system does not dry out.


Development of the species.

Propagate roses quickly and easily - by cuttings, getting a new plant.

This period should take place during a warm season, except for winter.




Breeding instructions:

  1. You need to buy a pruner and cut off the cuttings approximately 15 to 30 cm long with it (up to two buds should remain in the cuttings). The remaining leaves are removed.

  2. On the cut edges, wrap with the intended gauze and leave for 10 to 15 minutes.

  3. Then soak for a day in a special solution of "root".

  4. You will need to plant the finished stalk in a depression in light soil or sand.

  5. Be sure to cover the pot with a jar or a cut-off part of a plastic bottle and do not forget about moisture and fresh air for the plant.


  • there is a tendency to pests and diseases;

  • spots on the leaves (due to excessive watering and lack of fertilizers);

  • dew (powdery);

  • leaf fall.

 The first thing that can cause illness is the watering regime and the cold in the room, or high humidity.

If you see that your plant has weakness and disease, then start spraying with soapy water and baking soda. And remove the places where there is damage on the rose.

  •  leaves with dark brown spots. The reason for the appearance of minerals in the soil, and in order to avoid the problem, you need to treat the plant with a solution with iron vitriol or copper oxychloride;

  •  pests. You need to wipe the leaves with a solution of soap, or use special preparations 3 times a day (from 10 to 14 days). 

Incorrect courtship will result in:

  1. Wrong irrigation and fertilization schedule - leaves fall.

  2. Excessive watering - plant roots and a cool room rot.

  3. Buds and abscission deteriorate - insufficient watering and low humidity.

  4. No flowering and no development - unless transplanted and pruned before winter (as needed).

If you take into account all the requirements for caring for a room bush rose, then it will bloom beautifully on your windowsill, this is what every housewife dreams of.

The main thing to remember is that the queen of flowers requires your constant attention.


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