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Houseplants for friends

An option for a memorable gift is a houseplant. When handled correctly, it can thrive for years, beautifying a home and becoming a habit and beloved creature. This is a really good gift that will never cease to amaze. It's hard to make a mistake when giving a friend a houseplant, but you need to take into account his characteristic interests. If you're looking for the perfect indoor plant gift, consider the following options:

1. For responsible friends.

There are motivated individuals, those who like to take it and do something on their own. They will appreciate a gift that will allow them to literally get their hands dirty, they can give them everything they need for planting so that they can grow their own plant from their own hands.

To make your friend feel like a tropical paradise - choose ficus and monstera.

Or choose a slightly more sophisticated citrus version - homemade lemons, limes and oranges. Or maybe you can choose a different tree for the gift.

If you still decided to use a tree, then it would not hurt to add a set of special planting gloves, soil additives and much more. Just add a seedling and your friend is ready to plant.


2. For gourmets.

An indoor plant can be both beautiful and practical. For friends who love to eat, fresh food and cook, present a container fruit tree. This limequat citrus tree is truly unique. Even the most dedicated foodie has probably never tasted lime mixed with kumquat, let alone grown! For more traditional citrus fruits, try the Meyer lemon bush.

Limes are small, tasty and perfect for pies, while Meyer's lemons are a delicious combination of sweet orange and tart lemon.

If a chef is a friend in life, then try to present him with a fragrant tree. And that person will not only have a beautiful houseplant, but they will be able to fill their spice rack with their own aromatic scent and properties!

3. Not plant lovers, or no experience.

Everyone loves plants, but not everyone has experience with greens.

Fortunately, there are houseplants that tolerate neglect and a range of conditions, making them the perfect companion for your less gardening friends.

The variegated triangular ficus is a beautiful plant with green and white heart-shaped leaves.

Birkin Philodendron has a tropical feel with striped leaves, and he doesn't mind being left alone.

Chlorophytum crested (spider) is a classic indoor plant for beginners. It has long, thorny leaves with a white edge and does not require much attention.

Zamioculcas is a fairly evergreen plant with shiny green leaves.

A light plant with a unique appearance is also suitable for a gift - a red Chinese evergreen plant, its leaves are green with dark pink edges.

4. For a friend - a companion.

Your friend who loves dinner parties and gatherings will love these awesome houseplants:

The money tree has a wicker trunk, and its canopy is covered with beautiful and large green leaves.

The peaceful lily produces gorgeous white flowers and can grow quite large with minimal maintenance.

Everyone loves orchids. Beautiful and exotic flowers come in pink, purple, white, yellow, and other colors.

Anthurium red is another unique choice, boasting bright red flowers with a yellow center, making it the perfect dining table decoration.

Tropical bromeliads have thorny leaves and expressive flowers with a variety of vibrant hues.

5. To yourself or to a loved one.

These are unconventional and large indoor plants that may not suit everyone. You know your best friend's space better than others, so you know if one of these fun potted plants will work. Surely your girlfriend has an empty seat that's perfect for a big new addition?

The braided plant Ficus Ali has a beautiful braided trunk that grows quite high. Its Hawaiian style will cover an empty corner in the house where it can show the density of its leaves and grow up to six feet.

The umbrella tree is a tropical plant with an overhanging canopy that grows tall if allowed.

You more than know your audience, and you definitely can't go wrong with donating a plant. Next time you're looking for a birthday present, housewarming gift, or just to say you care, try one of these or any of the dozens of beautiful indoor plants.

6. An additional gift for the plant.

To make it easier for your friend (girlfriend), you can immediately purchase a pot suitable for the plant. And even such a pot that will significantly reduce the worries about the plant.

On our website you can find an Asti pot with an automatic watering system for indoor plants, with a ready-made drainage system, with a water level control for ease and additional assistance in maintenance. Buy automatic watering for indoor plants with a variety of sizes and shades - this will allow you to choose a gift with your chosen plant.


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