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Manufacturer: Elsa
Product code: der104
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Новая кормушка для птиц Ранняя птичка из натурального дерева. Это настоящий двухуровневый особняк..
Manufacturer: Elsa
Product code: der103
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Новая кормушка для птиц С любовью из натурального дерева. Ее можно повесить на стену - отлично ук..
Manufacturer: Elsa
Product code: der102
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Новая кормушка для птиц Клетка из натурального дерева. Украсит Ваш сад, загородный дом и дачу: ..
Manufacturer: Elsa
Product code: der105
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Новая кормушка для птиц Сердце из натурального дерева. Украсит Ваш сад, загородный дом и дачу: ..
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Birds in the garden create a special atmosphere and are our allies in the fight against pests. Representatives of birds gladly feast on worms, small and large insects, feed them to their young offspring. Therefore, those who are trying to attract helpers to their territory decide to buy a bird feeder by placing several bird houses in the garden.
Bird feeder - what are
If birds are rare guests in your little edema, you should think about how to make your garden more attractive. An important component is the provision of food all year round. It is known that birds have a hard time enduring winter due to food shortages. Providing them with food, hanging a winter feeder, you will significantly increase the number of birds in your backyard.

It is worth noting that one standard feeder is able to feed about 500 birds, provided that food is constantly added. So, during the cold season, you will not only show hospitality and contribute to the growth of guests, but also help the birds survive the harsh winter cold.
What are bird feeders?
platforms without a roof, on a flat plane of which treats are poured;
hanging, which are placed on a tree, hanging on a branch;
houses that protect the bird from the weather and allow you to get a portion of calories in comfort;
trays with a roof and sidewalls, more often they are on suction cups, mounted on a window;
shellers, from which, through mesh cells, birds can get nuts and other large food;
small bunker feeders, among which there are models with automatic feed supply.

It is important to give preference to environmentally friendly raw materials. The best option is a wooden structure. In the garden, it looks harmonious, is a material that is safe for health. Painted surfaces should also be avoided, especially in the dining area. The paint tends to peel off, which threatens the health or life of birds.
Order bird feeders
You can buy a garden bird feeder in Kiev inexpensively in the Elsa online store. Models please with high-quality production. The wood is polished, treated with eco-impregnation against decay and the formation of fungi. Products will last for many years, will become a favorite place for birds.

You can buy bird feeders in Kiev with home delivery or pick them up on your own from the store, on the street. Boryspilska, 40. We send orders to other regions of Ukraine by Nova Poshta, Ukrposhta, Justin.