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The main features of Phalaenopsis transplant


How to transplant phalaenopsis

One of the most important points in caring for any plant is its transplant, and phalaenopsis is no exception to this rule. In order for this flower to delight you as long as possible, you need to follow the rules for its transplant. Well, if you want to buy orchid pots, please contact us.

Phalaenopsis transplant subtleties

1.First you need to choose the right time to transplant this flower. After purchase, it is strongly discouraged to carry it out. It is necessary to let the phalaenopsis bloom normally, and then choose the time for the transplant. It is most advisable to carry it out in spring or autumn.
To make it easier to remove the plant from the old pot, you need to easily wrinkle its walls with your hands or just cut them with a sharp knife. Next, the roots of the orchid must be thoroughly rinsed and cleaned of the old substrate. To do this, it is advisable to place them in a container with warm water for 15-20 minutes.

2. The next step is to clean up the root system. It needs to be carefully examined and everything that seems superfluous to you, namely, rotten and dry roots, must be removed. If any part of them is damaged, you need to cut it off without touching the healthy area. Old yellow leaves on Phalaenopsis that are starting to dry out should also be removed. They are cut lengthwise and pulled in different directions, removing from the stem.

3. Next, the plant must be dried. This process usually takes a couple of hours. It is best to start preparing for a phalaenopsis transplant in the evening, in order to leave it to dry out overnight and allow the wounds in the cut-off areas to heal.

The final stage of transplanting is placing the flower in a new pot and filling the free space with the substrate. Long roots do not need to be pushed into the pot, they can be left hanging outside. They will help the plant absorb moisture. The substrate must be carefully distributed over the interior of the pot with a stick, without making it too dense. Well, if you want to buy a planter for orchids, you can do it in our company.


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