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Transplanting indoor plants: simple care tips.


Every plant that lives in our home requires periodic replanting. It is possible to be convinced of this when we pull it out of the pot and see that the roots have completely entangled the ground - then we urgently need to transplant the flower.


Even the best land mixture is ever depleted, changes its color from brown and black to gray, meanwhile, mineral salts have accumulated in it and from this an oxidation process occurs - the earth becomes compacted and shrinks.
The roots of the plant also change their natural color and dry out, which contributes to an unpleasant odor.

To avoid stagnation, you need to start from the growth cycle with young plants, they change pots more often than old plants.


It is imperative to conclude with a drainage at the bottom of the pot above the hole for the water drain.
But without leaving the site, it is already possible to buy expanded clay for plants.


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