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Soil for plants

Soil for plants

To achieve full development of plants in containers, you need to provide them with the right soil. This mixture should be similar to natural, repeating the composition from the place of plant growth. The following properties are important:
density - must securely fix the plant;
mineral composition - to have a sufficient amount of nutrients;
providing drainage and oxygen saturation;
correct acid balance (pH);
preservation of mechanical properties for a long time;
not to contain pathogens.
The soil mixture is prepared so as to have all these properties and benefit the plant for the entire period of use. Therefore, some properties are improved by auxiliary components:
sand, nut shell, charcoal - improve drainage;
humus from leaves and needles, bark, moss - improving aeration;
turf, humus - enrichment of nutrients.
It is important to remember that over time, auxiliary components lose their positive properties and can harm the plant. Lumps of filamentous structure in the process of decay turn into dust, and if you increase the humidity, they become mud. This mass will not benefit the root system, does not allow oxygen and water. As a result, the plant dies.
Each component has its own decomposition time:
peat - 4-5 months;
humus from leaves - up to 1.5 years, from needles - 2-3 years;
bark, shell - 6-7 years;
for charcoal - decades.
After selecting the components according to the regulations, the resulting mixture is mixed well until it becomes homogeneous.
The final step is mandatory sterilization. This is necessary to get rid of the finished mixture of pests. Almost all the components that are part of it have pathogens. When favorable conditions occur, they begin to reproduce and damage the plant. Upon completion of cleaning, the soil mixture becomes ready for use.

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