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Ground cover plants

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Ground cover plants

Perennials are a real lifesaver for gardeners who want to save themselves the hassle of planting plants every year in a flower bed, flower bed, or border. It is perennial flowers that play a key role in the formation of mixborders that can become an ornament in the landscape design of any site.

Gardeners-florists know firsthand - it is important when planning plantings to buy seeds of good quality perennial flowers. It is high-quality planting material that guarantees friendly germination, the conscientiousness of the supplier minimizes re-sorting. It is possible to purchase such perennial seeds, the best varieties, in our virtual store.
perennial plants for the garden
Flowers, from year to year pleasing with buds and lush green mass, have a number of features and advantages:

it is enough to plant once, and annually enjoy the beauty of the plant;
most crops are frost-resistant, and easily survive winters in the northern regions;
over time, you can propagate the flower by planting it in other flower beds or sharing a delenka with a neighbor;
many of them delight with long flowering throughout the year.

However, before buying perennial flower seeds, it is worth considering that most of them give buds only in the second year. And gypsophila paniculata blooms at all only in the 3rd year.

Do you want to get flowering within a few months after sowing the seeds? Grow the crop by seedling method. Everything for seedlings can be bought in our store, choosing the best option for sowing - peat tablets or glasses, plastic pots, cassettes or greenhouses.
Planting perennial seeds
You can sow perennial flowers in winter or spring, in seedlings, in a greenhouse or in open ground. The manufacturer indicates the optimal time for sowing on the packaging, on the reverse side. What can be the nuances when planting perennials?

Lavender, aquilegia, lumbago and a few other perennial seeds require stratification.
For fast germination of large seeds, or with a thick shell, it is recommended to carry out scarification.
Soaking will help speed up germination. It is carried out in warm water, with soaking for several hours.

The Elsa online store offers to buy perennial flower seeds for summer cottages from time-tested suppliers. You can order goods for gardening on the website with delivery in Ukraine. In Kiev, the purchase can be picked up from our store, as well as use the service of targeted courier delivery to the door.