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Flower stands on wheels

Manufacturer: Green Belt
Product code: 21-4004
Подставка Green Belt для кашпо круглая, колеса покрыты хромом. Адаптирована для перемещения горшков...
Manufacturer: Green Belt
Product code: 21-4003
Подставка Green Belt для кашпо круглая, колеса покрыты хромом. Адаптирована для перемещения горшков...
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Flower stands on wheels

Houseplant owners know that pet care and location require special equipment. If your house has a large flower in a heavy flowerpot, you should definitely pay attention to the floor stand on wheels.
Purpose and benefits
Unlike many racks and shelves, this type of stand is distinguished by the presence of wheels, thanks to which it is easy and convenient to move the plant around the room. Thus, you do not use physical effort to move your pet. This is a great option for massive and heavy flowerpots. The rollers have a special coating that does not scratch the floor and does not cling to the carpet. The wheels rotate 360 ​​degrees, which makes it possible to move in any direction.
What to look for when choosing?
When deciding to buy a flower stand on wheels, be sure to consider the following points:
product dimensions and weight that can be placed;
flowerpot dimensions;
appearance, so that the stand harmoniously fits into the interior.

Also, pay attention to the base material. It can be a metal floor stand or a wooden one. The choice depends on personal preferences, style and texture of the pot.
A wide range of stores - a choice for every taste
In our catalog you can buy a flower stand on wheels of various designs. In the presence of copies of different diameters and materials: metal, wood. Whatever model you prefer, we guarantee the excellent quality of the product. Making a choice will be easy. because for each product we provide detailed information and a real photo. The catalog may be updated with new products, so stay tuned.

Store managers will help you choose the model that suits your criteria, answer your questions.
Elsa online store - fast, convenient, reliable
Placing an order will take a few minutes. You will need to provide contact details, delivery and payment options. In the near future our manager will call you back to clarify all the details. We will promptly place an order, organize the fastest shipment. Delivery of goods is carried out throughout Ukraine. You can pick up a flower stand on wheels in Kiev by visiting our store at 40 Boryspilska Street. Also for residents of the capital there is a delivery option by courier service.