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Garters for plants

Manufacturer: Elsa
Product code: bint-9.5
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Manufacturer: Elsa
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Garters for plants

Accessories for the garden and vegetable garden are indispensable helpers. With their help, you will not only facilitate care, but also achieve high yields. One of the important devices are special garters for plants. And if earlier improvised means were used, now appropriate goods are provided for these events.
Garter - why is it needed?
Tall and climbing varieties need to be tied up. Thanks to this event, the plant is not deformed and will continue to develop actively. As a result, you will be pleased with a good harvest. Without tying up, the stems and fruits may end up on the ground, rot. Also, such actions exclude the possibility of breaking from the wind.
Stapler - the main tool for garters
Plant tying stapler is an automatic device that makes tying quick and easy. It is used for vegetable crops, fruit trees and shrubs, grapes, flowers and other plants. All manipulations are performed with one hand. The process takes less than a second. Consumables are easy to change. A significant plus of such a tool is the absence of waste.
Offers from our store
We are pleased to present you a huge selection of plant tying tools from trusted manufacturers. In stock:
ribbon. An innovative alternative to cloth garters. Does not injure the plant, passes water at the binding site. Protects from breaking and deformation;
plant tying gun. Makes it easy to tie up even hard-to-reach branches. Light weight and compact design provide comfort when working with the tool.
clips. A reusable universal fixture with which it is easy to fix the plant in the desired direction of growth.

All this and many other products you can buy right now.
Order conditions
Have you chosen the right product? Send it to the basket and fill out the proposed form, indicating personal data and methods of payment and delivery. You can also place an order by simply calling us at the phone number indicated on the website. Our online store provides an opportunity to buy garters for plants in Ukraine with delivery even to remote corners of the country. Residents of Kiev can use targeted delivery or pick up the order personally from the store at Boryspilska street, 40.

Call! We are happy to provide a free consultation regarding the product and the conditions of the order.