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Winter sowing to start spring gardening

Podzimny sowing is a method of sowing seeds in open ground in winter. The idea of ​​early seed sowing is very old, winter sowing is becoming more and more popular.

How seeds winter

The old method of sowing seeds is in autumn or winter, and has been used for a very long time all over the world. The seeds are dormant all winter and are ready to germinate as soon as they feel the slightest warmth of spring.

You can get results and a faster germination rate than growing the same seeds indoors.

There is a kind of seed that must be kept even in wet and cold conditions, either because they have a hard shell that has the ability to soften when frozen and thawed, or because a change in temperature provokes their germination. This is called stratification.

You may see instructions on some seed packets, or you may be advised to place the seeds in the freezer for a few weeks so that germination occurs quickly due to stratification. For example, you can try sowing parsley seeds before winter.


An example of modern winter sowing

Sowing seeds begins in closed containers (possible with a foil bottom and plastic lids), and then take the containers outside. Such containers create the effect of mini-greenhouses, while the seeds in a controlled environment will experience the cold of winter. When the seeds feel that the temperature begins to warm up, they begin to germinate and grow on their own. When the soil warms up in the garden, the seedlings are ready for transplanting.


Direct seeding
There is a way to sow seeds right away, or start growing in plastic mini greenhouses (buy a mini greenhouse) so that transplantation occurs a little later. The advantages of sowing in a mini greenhouse are that the soil warms up faster. In addition, saving your time and transplant.

When exactly to sow seeds before winter

As a rule, it is possible to sow after the onset of a steady cold snap, so that the sprouts themselves do not appear ahead of time, this is approximately the end of October or the beginning of November.

Seeds should be sown in prepared recesses and sprinkled with special fertile soil, which is mixed with peat and humus. Before sowing, keep the earth warm, but the main thing is that it does not freeze. Plant seeds do not need to be watered.

Sowing perennials and preparing seeds for sowing

Podzimny type of sowing for perennials is considered natural. After all, in nature, ripened seeds spill out onto the ground and, when spring comes, they can germinate. In order for germination to occur with accuracy, they need to be at some low temperature in a wet state.

For your exact conviction before winter, you can sow the seeds of carnations, lavender, aquilegia, gentian, primrose, doronicum, gaillardia, shaving, beautiful small-petal, yarrow, bluebell, delphinium, arabis. The main thing is not to overdo it, because some seeds are not capable of long-term storage and at the same time they need special conditions. For some, winter sowing is seed propagation. These include hellebore, arabis, adonis, liverwort, aconite, sanguinaria, backache.

The best choice for sowing perennial seeds is November and a little later. If the seeds are very small, then you can first mix them with sand without closing them, but you need to slightly press them into the substrate. For clarity in growing, it is better to mark each container with a label.
To eliminate winds, it is better to place containers in cozy parts of the garden, as well as to prevent autumn rains. In spring, cover the crops with glass, or put the seedlings in a cold greenhouse for hardening with a removable roof.


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