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Soils and substrates for seedlings

Manufacturer: Грунт Полтавщини
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Грунт для рассады универсальный из Полтавы является экологически чистым продуктом.  Благодаря ..
Manufacturer: Грунт Полтавщини
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Грунт для рассады универсальный из Полтавы является экологически чистым продуктом.  Благодаря ..
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Soils and substrates for seedlings

Growing seedlings is a painstaking and very responsible business. The further harvest in the garden and the beauty of the flower garden depend on this initial stage. Every gardener, any gardener, when planting plants from seeds or by cuttings, dreams of getting healthy, strong plants.

It is especially important to avoid such negative factors as black leg and the formation of root rot, which can destroy most of the plantings even at the stage of sprout development. To do this, it is enough to buy soil for seedlings, specially prepared for the germination and survival of flower and garden crops.
Ready soil for seedlings
Starting from February, and sometimes from January, preparations for a new gardening season begin. And, as a rule, the time comes to choose a soil for germinating seeds of vegetable, salad, flower and other crops. Some resort to using land from a vegetable garden or flower bed, which is not the most suitable option.

The soil from the street requires disinfection in order to exclude germ disease. Depending on the characteristics of the soil, it will be necessary to add the appropriate nutrient and loosening additives. And this does not always give the expected result. Experienced gardeners prefer to buy soil - soil for seedlings, and here's why. Ready soil mixture:

loose and free-flowing;
has a nutritional composition;
has high rates of air and moisture permeability;
cleared of pests and weed seeds;
was disinfected from pathogens.

The finished soil has a balanced acidity, closer to neutral - a pH level in the range of 6.5-6.7, which is optimal for most plants. Sometimes seedling soil is mixed with a substrate in the form of sand, perlite, coconut fiber, sawdust and other compounds. In such a soil, seed disclosure is unimpeded, and the sprout receives comfortable conditions for healthy growth.
Seedling products online
The Elsa online store offers a wide range of substrates and substrates. A different volume of packages makes it possible to purchase the required quantity in the optimal packaging. Also from the catalog you can order cassettes and pots for seedlings, fertilizers and peat tablets, at a competitive price.

On the site, it is possible to buy soil for seedlings with delivery in Ukraine, using the postal service of your choice - Nova Poshta, Ukrposhta, Justin. In Kiev, we will deliver the purchase by courier to the specified address, or pick it up by self from our store, at 40 Borispolskaya Street.