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Cooperation with the manufacturer of goods for gardening and home decor TM Elsa

We are a wholesale supplier, as well as a manufacturer of goods for gardening and home decor TM Elsa, we offer cooperation to retail stores, large chains and online stores through dropshipping (direct delivery of goods to the client). TM Elsa has a wide range of products for gardening, floriculture and home decor, including household goods.

We cooperate with large DIY chains and with a large number of wholesale and retail clients. We offer you a quality product so that you develop your business right now. Our company works with the following types of market segment:

Network shops

wholesale companies

Retail Stores

online stores (dropshipping)

The products of TM Elsa are expanding their assortment and supplementing their collections with constant novelties. On the website elsa.com.ua you can see retail prices, in order to clarify wholesale prices or find out details about cooperation, fill out the feedback form (see at the bottom of the page), write to us at info@elsa.com.ua or call:

Dropshipping: (0 800) 40-69-96 (free)

Wholesale department: +38 (050) -414-44-74

We will be glad to cooperate with you and receive mutual benefits!

Dropshipping with TM Elsa
Partnering with a supplier of gardening, floriculture, home decor, and home furnishings is a modern way of selling everyday products.

More specifically about dropshipping:

Direct delivery of goods to the buyer from the supplier, while the seller works only online and is not tied to the place of work (without renting a warehouse for the goods).

Benefits of cooperating on dropshipping with an online store:

From you - the search for buyers of products and order processing. Then we complete your transaction ourselves (production, storage, packaging, shipping).

Dropshipping from the supplier Elsa is represented by an extensive catalog, where you can see photos and prices of products for gardening, floriculture, decor and accessories for the home.
The catalog contains product characteristics and dimensions, making it easy for you to place an order.
In the meantime, you add the items of product categories you like to your online store.
To work with us on dropshipping, it is not essential for you to buy a certain amount in bulk, we offer interesting and beneficial dropshipping offers for cooperation and you can even buy 1 product, but only at an affordable price.
You send us the generated order and we pack it and send it to your customer.
As a result, the client receives a shipped on time and complete product, and the seller develops his business without risks and investments, and receives feedback, and we, as a supplier, get you a client, and profitably expand our business.

Goods for gardening, home decor and wholesale household goods - types of cooperation from TM Elsa

In the assortment of our company, you can see products of our own production, including extensive types of products for daily use. You will receive TM Elsa - a reliable direct supplier for you, only high-quality goods for your business, timely deliveries, replenishment of new products. The manufacturer TM Elsa is a reliable supplier in Ukraine, which cooperates with many owners of trading floors. We are the official representative of the international networks TM Santino and TM Form Plastic. Products are delivered by transport companies as soon as possible. We offer our partner a large assortment of quality products to fill the page:

pots for indoor plants;

varieties of products for horticulture, horticulture, floriculture;

accessories for plants;


garden decor;

natural wood decor;

home supplies.

Private label - cooperation with the manufacturer Elsa
A private label in Ukraine is a brand that belongs to your company and is produced at the facilities of a third-party organization. The company manufactures gardening products for plant life. We have many years of experience in cooperation with well-known national and international networks.

Benefits in creating your (own) TM:

Planning the schedule and plan of your sales, volume and profit;
Build the pricing policy of your store yourself;
Protected from low-quality products;
Saving time, effort, finances. All you need to do is sell the product, even without your own production and certificates;
On a permanent basis, a guaranteed product in good quality;
Even if you do not have your own production, you can sell on your trading floors, but only under your own brand name.

Why is it worth starting cooperation for wholesalers with the manufacturer Elsa

The advantages of cooperating on dropshipping with our company:

The meaning of “Cooperation with a manufacturer” is to start your own business now, without lengthy adjustments to your own production.
Our company offers you an advantageous offer of cooperation in the sale of gardening goods for wholesale and retail. TM Elsa has more than ten years of experience in sales on the market, and for us a large volume of orders is easy. Therefore, your client will receive a quality product as soon as possible.
Large selection of products. In the catalog presented to you, there are varieties of goods for flowers, as well as home decor for every taste. You will also find high quality products that have a great advantage, and the pricing policy is roughly average. With such extensive properties, you will reach your large audience of buyers.

Our production produces quality products that meet all standards. Thanks to the high quality of our products, it has made Elsa known among many large retail chains from all over Ukraine. Our company is fully responsible for the manufactured products, playing a large role in the procurement of raw materials and in the shipment of each batch.

We are always in touch with you, supporting our partners. We will answer all questions about prices, batches of products and about the properties of each product - our managers will be happy to help you.

In order to find out about cooperation, as well as to agree on a wholesale supply, you can always contact us. If you are interested in specific areas, we will be happy to advise you, for this fill out the feedback form or write to info@elsa.com.ua. Also contact by phone:

Dropshipping (0 800) 40-69-96 (free);

Wholesale department +38 (050) -414-44-74.

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