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Plant Trends in 2022


All plants are special, and each of them has something extraordinary. They complement our space and give us a soothing atmosphere to retreat away from monotony, to be alone with nature. When you feel that your space is missing something, then plant a plant for it, then the room will be complemented by beauty and you need to take care.
Trends are constantly changing every year, and even in the field of plants. This makes you wonder what the trends will be in 2022?

Rare aroid

You may have noticed that in our time, many people, and maybe you fall in love with "rare plants".
They are an excellent choice for a plant collection, but in some cases they may not be cheap for the price.
The list of aroid plants includes rare and unusual varieties: alocasia, monstera, epipremnum, philodendron, scindapsus, rafidophora, etc., they still occupy the first places in the list of required ones.

Red purple leaves

For many of us, colorful plants like more than ordinary ones, and this is due to the fact that they have the ability to stand out and look brighter in green tones. Many plant lovers will use vibrant colors to keep their collection looking interesting. "Although pink and variegated plants are still popular and trending."
Of these: shrub cordilina, shriveled peperomia and tradescantia.

Growing herbs and vegetables

Over the past couple of years, there has been a trend towards growing vegetables and growing greenery at home, and this not only gives us fruits over time, but interest in the result and decorates the space. As, for example, you can complement the interior with a special wooden planter, you can put the main container with the plant in it.
Most types of herbs grow easily indoors, and in the meantime, scientists are developing new varieties of vegetables for small spaces, so you can safely grow peppers, tomatoes, eggplants and more without leaving your home.

The upsides to growing your own herbs and vegetables are that it's easy and you create your garden on the windowsill, and end up making a homemade sauce or herbal tea from the fruits.
Wooden flower pots will create more naturalness in relation to the plant and the room where it is located. In addition, there will be enough room in a wooden pot to breed several types of herbs or vegetable seedlings

Low maintenance

“Switching to plants that are beautiful and do not require a lot of maintenance” is perhaps the approach of our time.
When we spend little time at home, there is less time to take care of indoor plants.
When we return to work and spend time mainly talking, traveling, going on vacation, then caring for the plants will no longer become complete, since it will be in the background.
Then you need to think about purchasing a plant that does not need to be watered often.
The type of snake plant, potos, zamiokulkas is perfect.

It's a good option to expand your plant collection, but sometimes it's better to take care of your plants that you already have. Learning how to properly care for and help your plants grow can be much more rewarding than buying a new plant.

Plants at an early stage

It became noticeable that more and more people began to buy young plants that had recently begun to develop. This allows you to gain a complete experience starting with the complexities, and see how the plant grows under supervision, rather than buying a larger rooted plant.

The advantages of young plants are that they are cheaper in price and give you the opportunity to understand that there is no better feeling than watching them grow in size from year to year.


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