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Growing tomato seedlings on the balcony. Caring for them

To grow tomatoes perfectly, you do not need to have a plot of land. You can simplify everything at once at home, even in winter and summer, on the windowsill, or on the balcony. Plants will delight the eyes, give fruit and purify our air. Knowing that planting tomatoes at home is not difficult, but how much pleasure the process itself brings and harvesting. Such tomatoes are always more juicy, aromatic and tasty than in the store. And of course, it is much more useful - those grown with their own hands, and most importantly, with love.

For this we need:

-seeds of a variety of low-growing tomatoes
-create the necessary microclimate
-choose the right container
-pick up the soil
-provide watering

It is very convenient to use disposable plastic cups for planting seeds, but it is important to control the amount of water when watering, since when growing tomatoes on a windowsill, watering should be strictly moderate at any time of the year. A lack of moisture will prevent the plant from developing, and excess water will lead to the formation of weak flower clusters, or rot. The best temperature for growing tomatoes is + 26C during the day and + 15C at night, it is advisable to have a thermometer to monitor the temperature of the tomatoes. Unlike other plants, the tomato is not afraid of drafts, so it is not scary to open a window for quick ventilation in case of too high a temperature.

It is imperative that the sun's rays fall on the plant, or a fluorescent lamp.
For planting, a special soil for seedlings is ideal, and for seedlings of tomatoes, fertilizing with mineral and organic fertilizers is needed, it strengthens the tomatoes and accelerates their growth.

Transplanting seedlings to a permanent place

In the spring, somewhere around the beginning of April, when the seedlings reach one month old, from 4 to 6 leaves will appear on its trunk, and it will be time for them to transplant it to a permanent place. Immediately after transplanting seedlings, you need to darken the windows on the balcony a little so that less sunlight gets in and the temperature is kept within 18-20 degrees - in such conditions it is easier for plants to endure stress after transplanting and quickly adapt. And when the stems of the tomatoes straighten and straighten out (after about 2-3 days), then the eclipse can already be removed.


Stepsons are shoots that creep out of the leaf axils, they give a lot of growth to tomato shoots, but take away nutrients. Therefore, they need to be removed.

By removing the stepchildren, we get the following benefits:

-correct formation of the bush
-disease prevention
-early ripening of tomatoes
-fertile fruit
-continuation of fertility




Growing tomato seedlings in a balcony pot Latina Window Box


-Before removing the seedlings from the cups, you need to prepare a balcony pot;
-pull out the film from the cartridges of the pot (it is ready-made 2 cases with drainage, which will be needed when planting seedlings)
fill the pot with a small amount of seedling soil so that there is enough space for the roots of the plant;
-place the plant in a pot;
-fill an empty place with soil and lightly tamp;
-add the soil again, because it will settle by 5-10% in 2-3 weeks;
-water the plant thoroughly;
-after the plant gets used to its location, you can water it through the spout, which is located in front of the flowerpot;
-a transparent window controls the water level, thus you can determine the watering time.


Detailed video instruction from Santino:

To ensure the comfort of the plant, certain rules should be followed, to provide watering to tomatoes, loosening the soil, stable temperature and humidity. For protection and fertility, plants need to be sprayed and fertilized with fertilizer.


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