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Plant protection

Manufacturer: Гилея
Product code: 00-032
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Means "Doctor Foley - polish" (250 ml). The polish forms a vapor-permeable breathable f..
Manufacturer: Гилея
Product code: 04-151
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Палочки удобрение от болезней комнатных растений содержит полезные вещества, такие как макро-, микро..
Manufacturer: Гилея
Product code: 04-150
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Удобрение от вредителей в палочках для комнатных растений содержит полезные вещества, такие как макр..
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Product code: 00-028
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Удобрение жидкое Гилея Гармония - - органо-минеральное витаминизированное удобрение для всех ви..
Manufacturer: Гилея
Product code: 03-819
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Удобрение минеральное Гилея "Доктор Фоли" от Болезней - готовая листовая подкормка ра..
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Product code: 00-035
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Удобрение минеральное Гилея "Доктор Фоли" от Вредителей - готовая листовая подкормка ..
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Plant protection

If there is no experience in growing indoor and garden plants, if it was unsuccessful or turned out to be burdensome, then do not lose your craving for floriculture and gardening. It is enough to buy biopreparations for plant protection and apply them according to detailed instructions. It's easy and you get great results.

Why plants get sick or root poorly
Among the causes leading to problems, there are those that can be eliminated using biological products:

Lack of vitamins and minerals, the most important of which are nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, B1, B6, PP, C. They are introduced into the composition of complex fertilizers intended for feeding / rooting domestic and garden plants.
Fungal diseases. They are caused by various factors, but biological preparations with fungicides will help.
Harmful insects. Insecticidal impurities included in the preparation are effective against them.
Being engaged in crop production, you should buy biopreparations for plant protection. First you need to familiarize yourself with the composition and purpose.

What results should be expected
The use of complex products for plants gives a noticeable positive effect:

intensive development of the root system;
acceleration of rooting;
improved seed germination;
endurance stairs;
prevention / elimination of rot, pests.
All this allows you to maintain the health of plants at all stages of development and restore damaged ones.

Release forms
The most convenient are:

sticks to stick into the pot where the flower grows. Useful substances are released into the soil slowly, therefore they are evenly distributed for a long time (up to 3 months);
foliar sprays. Convenient in the fight against fungus;
concentrated liquid that is diluted with water.
To achieve the desired result, you should follow the recommendations.